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New Website Build 

Using WIX Web builder we will create a site specifically tailored to your company’s needs, working closely with you to create a fully Functional Mobile/Tablet optimised site. We would carry out SEO,  connect your site to google and set you on the road to driving the all-important traffic to your site.

We can either teach you how to manage and maintain the site or pop you onto a bespoke retainer package.


Existing Websites 

If you have an existing website, we can look at the performance and functionality, its user friendliness. Then help give recommendations from performance, functionality, Blogging, setting up email campaigns or give it a bit of spruce up and talk you through how to maintain it on a long-term basis.



Need a logo or a total rebrand? we work with a team of highly qualified graphic designers who will work closely with you to create the best fit for you and your company's needs.


Do you feel overwhelmed or unsure how to use social media? We offer 1:1 support to guide and give you the tools to create the right content, hashtags, layouts, reels, when is a good time to post and the benefits of brand advocacy. This would be a step by step guide so please dont be intimidated by the lingo! Its not as scary or as hard as you think and you might even have some fun learning such a new and valuable skill for your business! 

We can help you link your social media accounts together, show you how to set up e-shop through Facebook, raising your business profile. This can be done as a one-off or long-term support.


We can help you with various areas of your business cycle – whether it be, you have an idea and want to put it to the test! Write a business plan, support in applying for grants or loans, advice on social media platforms, point you in the right direction for web development, the all-important keeping track of your accounts and even what bank account to open! We can give you the support and guidance to get you started on the road to your dream.


If you have come to a crossroads and things are beginning to decline or you’re not at the point you hoped to be, we can help you look and plan, expand and grow your business.  Working closely with you to meet you and your company’s objectives and core values.  We can carry out market research, analyse competition, evaluation and developing a strategic plan. Setting you realistic goals and targets, that you and your company can use to keep the Eva needed momentum, that a business needs to stay on track

Every business needs to meet its own objectives and values, so no advice is ever the same and we

pride ourselves in working closely to a client’s individual needs.


KBB specialises in the incorporation of the holistic approach to create stronger branding, sharing knowledge and experience in helping you create the all-important brand, in a world where we now must battle to get consumers attention. It is president that the personality of the brand must be ever stronger to project itself to the consumer! Georgie specialised in Branding whilst studying at Nottingham Trent University - so loves this side to the business and would love to help your businesses establish its brand identity! 


If you are looking to launch your business or a new product or want to bounce ideas off, we can work with you to create a specific marketing campaign to target specific consumers or market areas. Both off and online.


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