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Here are some of the most FAQ questions here at KBB - cant find what you looking for then don't hesitate to contact us and ask away! 

How much do you charge?

At KBB no two jobs are ever the same! So each job is priced individually based on what the job is and what needs doing.  By working this way it ensures both parties are getting the best value for the situation. For website builds we do ask for a non refundable 15% deposit up front, then the remainder of the balance to be paid once the work is complete and the client is happy. 

How long will a website build take?

Once you have received your quote for the web build it will include an estimated time frame. We do ask for you to provide all the information before hand (photos, text and design information) ensuring the web build goes as smoothly and efficiently as possible. 

Whats the web-design process?

We will ask a serious of questions to gain an understanding of what the design brief is your after, this can either be done face to face or via online - after which an initial proposal will be sent to you along with a price quote and time frame - you would then provide us with any images, logo and content. Then going forward we would work closely with you informing and sharing the design process until completion is done and everyone is happy. 

What are clients typically required to supply?

If you already have a website - the links to the site and any domain information.  Any artwork, photos  you want the site to include.  If you don't have any images or logo! don't panic thats what we hear for! we can get a logo designed and have access to a bank of licensed photos or can arrange for a professional photo shoot! 

Do you carry out market research?

At KBB for all web builds we carry out market research in the field your businesses is in! This information ensures the site we are creating for you, performs and is targeting its correct audience and you are getting the best out of our web-build

When just looking for marketing support, advice or to build a campaign together - KBB carries out various stages and forms of extensive market research collating relevant data to ensure any plans, strategies or ideas are top notch and spot on! 

How is your design going to help with my business goals?

Designing a fully functioning website that can easily be found - is imperative to ensuring your target audience finds and stays on site! there is only a 4 second window to capture the visiting site member! so if a page is not doing what it should be doing! you move on! Here at KBB we fully understand and work mindfully of the users experience!

Making your site mobile friendly is an essential part of the design as users are far more likely to search for a site using a mobile than desktop - creating a site that can easily be navigated from a handheld device is ensuring the best consumer experience. 

Why should I work with you?

Choosing to work with KBB - you will get not only a professional results you will be working with a small group of independent designers, that are passionate about what they do! Only wanting the best outcome. We have a friendly approach which allows for a good partnership and we always endever to go above and beyond to give our clients the best results. We are passionate about what we do and only want the best! 

What kind of businesses do you work with?

At KBB we will work with all sizes of businesses whether you are are an individual or a larger company. We know our limits and if the job is too big or we don't think we are the right fit - we have a number of contacts that we would gladly share and put you in touch with. We just ask everyone to be kind, supply the right info, be honest about what it is you want and that is the best recipe for a great working partnership. 


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